Many Canadian women who were infants in 1929 and too young to understand the important right gifted them by their ‘rebel’ suffragette mothers and grandmothers, are still with us today. At midlife, their daughters are caught between work, personal changes and influencing often multiple generations of family. Can women this overburdened afford to disregard where governments, non-governmental agencies and private sector commercial interests may have broken promises or continuously compelled them to work  harder and longer, just to get by?

Their granddaughters are equally overextended — they have busy careers, hectic family and social commitments, plus a continuous bombardment of demands for their attention thanks to smartphones, e-mail, instant messages, twitters and the like. Constant turmoil is a way of life.  Stress overload: extreme anxiety, severe fatigue, and sleeplessness are all part of an average day. Can they continue to blame themselves and accept government policies that, increasingly, diminish the status and contribution of women? Can any of these women continue to ignore rights, privileges and responsibilities bequeathed them by The Persons Act of 1929?  Will three generations of women band together to hold the powers that continue to build barriers and roadblocks to simple democratic equality finally accountable before it is too late, or will they persist in holding <em>themselves</em> solely accountable and blameworthy?  Canadian Women.  The daughters and granddaughters of “The Famous Five” who bequeathed to us and our heirs….The Persons Act of 1929.

On October 18, 1929, Lord Sankey, Lord Chancellor of the Privy Council, announced the British Privy Council decision that “yes, women are persons … and eligible to be summoned and may become Members of the Senate of Canada.”

As of the 2011 Canadian Federal Election, women won a record 25% of the 308 seats.  In the grander scheme of things, that means we are in 40th place Globally for representation in Government by women.  Three generations.

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