The old saying goes “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Under Stephen Harper, the politics of what is expedient in carrying out the agenda he believes is right and just for Canada, supersedes his obligation to his country, his party and even his obligation to the planet itself.

Nova Scotia Tory MP, Bill Casey, discovered that Harper had unilaterally changed the text of an agreement that he, Harper, had signed with Atlantic Canada. Casey consulted the Justice Department about the change. Justice confirmed Casey’s understanding of the change. He put the Justice’s opinion on Harper’s desk. Harper swept the document off his desk and said, “Bill, the fucking words mean what I say they mean….You know your fucking problem, you’ve never been with the program.” Casey phoned his wife, told her what had happened and she told him not to vote for the agreement. The next day Casey was kicked out of caucus. He subsequently resigned, ran as an independent and won despite Harper’s best attempt to spread malicious lies about him during the election campaign.
Quote by Michael Harris excerpted from Citizen Action Monitor