Canada is really little more than a minor player on today’s wealth driven world stage. We represent less than 3% of the world’s wealthiest movers and shakers. We call it home, but too often our security of tenure and quality of life are defined from beyond our borders. Largely because we let it happen.

If you think about it seriously, becoming a ‘less certain’ ally for our American neighbours isn’t such a bad thing. We are big in land mass, and rich in raw resources, but in terms of population and wealth, our neighbours south of the 49th parallel wield far more power than Canada can ever hope to enjoy.

Our American neighbours are answerable to the 46% wealthiest members of our planet’s citizens. Any American President cannot avoid catering to their desires and wishes. Average folk are left in the dust — and for those of us who live north of her borders — well we don’t even count in the American view of the grander scheme of things.

For American politicians and corporate interests, Canada is the land of wannabes. Wannabes that have access to highly desirable raw materials and resources. We are worthy of being wooed, used, but ultimately discarded.

We have had endless demonstrations of this simple reality over the course of Canadian history. After 10 years of Neoconservative political dominance at the federal level, Canadians are paying the price as never before. On top of everything else, we have lost something we prized dearly and took incredible pride in — our global reputation. Canada once stood above the crowd. That was then. This is now.

Embassy – Canada’s Foreign Policy Newspaper has a sobering update on the world’s opinion of Canada as of 2015. We should perhaps sit up and take notice.

A minority Conservative government could make Canada “a less certain ally for the United States on trade deals and international security

Source: What the world thinks of our election | Embassy – Canada’s Foreign Policy Newspaper