In 2006, Ray Romanoff, former Saskatchewan Premier said:

“The Harper government has aggressively targeted workers and the unions that represent them. The government wants to re-make Canada into a low-tax haven for the rich and globalize the labour market, making Canadian wages more competitive. Stephen Harper welcomed the merger of Burger King and Tim Hortons, citing Canada’s business-friendly tax laws as the reason for the new parent company setting up shop in Canada. But he had nothing to say when the new company immediately laid off hundreds of employees in breach of an agreement to maintain jobs in Canada.”

As of 2015 Tim Horton’s as well as MacDonalds actively recruit and employ migrant workers with few rights and lower employee overhead costs to fill minimum wage positions, negating the usefulness of any increases to minimum wage or fairness in ‘discretionary taxes’. Mr. Harper now commits to ‘banning tax increases’ by future Canadian Governments if re-elected upon finalization of his own taxation agenda.

Romanoff went on to say:

“Perhaps no other sector in Canada has been more of a target of the Harper agenda than women. One of its first acts upon becoming government in 2006 was to dramatically reduce the budget of Status of Women Canada, forcing most of its regional offices to close. Founded in 1976, Status of Women Canada provided crucial funding to women’s groups, including shelters and research institutes, and advised the government on implementing the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. “ Ray Romanoff, former Saskatchewan Premier.

In 2015, womankind and the niqab have been exploited as an election issues fundamentals distraction — effectually making, once again, but in a ‘new’ way, a woman’s right to choose a target for divisiveness while ignoring a consortium of almost two hundred women’s associations and agencies efforts to host a National Debate on Women’s Issues.

In closing, my heart and mind echo National Observer’s Ms. Garrasino’s insightful musings about an innocent little boy….

But credit where it’s due.

Nobody’s talking about that lifeless little boy on the beach anymore.

yes indeed

The spirit of a child lies on a distant beach, speaking to us all, of a Canada grown blind to crimes against #SocialJustice at home and abroad.

It is with gratitude that I attribute access to the majority of the quotations used herein to Rouge ( )