Amongst one too many instances of being letdown, Canadians have suffered during several successive neoconservative governments — a.k.a the Harper Government —  the abandonment of a national food strategy for Canada and Canadians. Food security is something that Canadians do worry about and the immediate future looks grim.

It’s not the first time a national food strategy has been discussed during an election campaign. The policy was a Conservative campaign promise during the last federal election – a commitment Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz would later reiterate at the annual FPT ministerial in July 2011. A policy, he said at the time, would be developed within a year.Despite this promise, and increased demands for one from stakeholders, a national food strategy has yet to be developed. The policy is not included in the current Conservative platform. iPolitics

Quite apart from the influx of imported foods to be expected from the newly signed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, Harper, in his efforts to announce a tidy surplus in the midst of the 2015 election cut our food inspection resources and staff to the bone.

Given the plethora of must-do business that the 42nd Canadian Parliament will face — if it actually settles down to governance without catapulting us all into another election — Food Security may languish unaddressed until a crisis surfaces to force the issue.

Generally speaking, issues involving food safety and food inspection matters rarely reach ‘crisis’ without someone dying.

Conservatives mum on national food strategy despite previous pledges