Just days before the election, Tech Entrepreneur pledges $1M to continue that battle against the misnamed ‘Anti-Terror Bill’ — C-51

Canadian co-founder of mobile app maker airG Inc. has pledged to donate the $1 million to fight against this recently passed anti-terror law that critics say creates a new “secret

Source: Fred Ghahramani, Tech Entrepreneur, Donates $1 Million To Defeat Bill C-51

A new government will be formed on October 20th, but the issues and concerns will not end with the 2015 Election campaign. Among the plethora of issues that will remain in urgent need of attention are Bill-C51 and the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement amongst other ‘trade pacts’.

Our tech communities have been fighting behind the scenes for longer than this endless election campaign has been in play. Now one Tech Entrepreneur has pledged $1M to help fight C-51. The Conservative ‘Anti-Terror Bill and the Corporate interest favouring TPP threaten the equalizing force global citizens have enjoyed since the birth of the “Information Highway”. In terms of impact on technology, the two issues are inextricably linked. Both represent death sentences for the Internet we know and value.


It is not unreasonable to argue that the only threat that looms more threateningly of our lives and the lives of our families, is climate change. Unfortunately, the environmental health of our planet is also dependant on public will and public action. Both public will and action are effectively eliminated by C-51 and the trade pacts that transfer the governance and autonomy of the public into that hands of corporate entities.

Fred Ghahramani, co-founder of app maker AirG Inc. —

“This legislation builds a dragnet on over 35 million innocent Canadians, turning every single iPad, laptop and cell phone into a government recording device … How can any Canadian CEO freely communicate with their board of directors or staff if sensitive insider information can now be seen by government employees with no checks or balances?”

The battle for Canadian — and global — human rights and freedoms will have only just begun once our elected representatives get back to work in the 42nd Parliament.

We all have to do our part. We need to take charge of our future. Canadians have to do something we are not all that good at. We need to force change, and we need to get on it — NOW.

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