TPP is not a necessary trade agreement victimized by conspiracy theorists, it is simply the private profit engines of the world doing what they have always done – serve up profit to the wealthy entitled few.

There is a great deal of confusion regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement during this 2015 Canadian Election. The word ‘trade’ leads people down the usual path of thinking strictly in terms of industrial era economics. However, we are no longer in the industrial era. The 21st century is the era of rapidly changing technological and knowledge based disruptors. It is the era of change. Limiting ourselves to measurements in terms of manufacturing, agriculture, and stock markets plays into hands that have thrown a dead cat on the table to distract us from clear headed analysis of the chilling realities behind this binding treaty. A treaty with no expiry date. A treaty named a trade agreement that has only 5 articles of 29 that specifically deal with, and affect, trade.

We argue for or against trade vociferously — but trade is the least of our troubles

We’ve all been played. Worse, we may not wake up to the fact that we’ve been played until it is far too late to do anything about it. No, I am not talking about Canada’s Stephen Harper, his Conservative Party and (former) pet Australian Rottweiler Lynton Crosby antics here. They are just bit players of little importance in the grander scheme of things, although Mr. Harper is fully culpable for sitting down at the table prepared to cave on any and all negotiable matters while showing little interest in protecting Canada from harm compared to his determination to be a part of the agreement at all costs. Mr. Harper is also culpable for thinking more of himself, and his ability to direct and safeguard the direction of an entire nation, than he can, with any legitimacy claim — or even aspire to.

Over a dozen nations — complicit  in derailing democracy

Fasten your seatbelts because corporations are primed to take over the world. It is happening right now, and it may already be too late to stop it. As of this writing, details of the TPP are few, sketchy, and difficult to acquire from traditional mass media sources.  What little has been brought forward from reputable sources, requires some internet savvy and a world politics perspective to hunt down and cross reference against political party rhetoric and spins. Make no mistake, TPP is not a necessary trade agreement being victimized by conspiracy theorists, it is simply the private profit engines of the world doing what they have always done – serve up profit to the wealthy entitled few. At issue are the potentially devastating effects of the TPP on a largely unsuspecting global citizenry.  Great care has been taken to ensure that these effects will not be widely seen, or felt, until it is far too late to do anything to change the game without crippling monetary consequences. By the time the general public is painfully aware, there will be no peaceful actions available to their various governments and organizations to reverse the consequences of ‘trade deals’.

Democracy itself will fail in the face of corporate clout over autonomy of participating nations. Corporations have obscenely deep pockets capable of manipulating and controlling outcomes through expensive court battles that no nation on the planet can afford not to think twice about — and prudently avoid. Nations dependent on tax revenues cannot afford to enact legislation they will have to defend in court — and potentially repeal. After all, how can you win a court case against ‘maybe’? The deal guarantees corporations the right to sue ‘for potential profit loss’ — not just actual loss. Human rights, of any kind, have notoriously been known for being ‘bad for profits’ in theory if not in always in fact.  Welcome to Dickens ‘Hard Times’ the sequel.

TPP so important to Obama that Congress is strictly limited to a yes/no vote

President Obama, is seen as the leader and instigator of the Trans-Pacific Partnership initiative. Believing him inherently progressive, many applaud his frustration with, and desire to replace, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that came into being in the late 1980s. It is a mistake to consider his desires as altruistic in nature. NAFTA whether you agree or disagree with it, is a dinosaur that failed to predict the coming ice-storm known as the technological revolution. Obama’s problem with NAFTA is that it only (barely) adequately covers trade.

On the other hand, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is responsive to 21st Century realities. But make no mistake, the TPP is only nominally about trade. It is about profit and control.  The TPP as a treaty, possibly the largest ever, binds its member nations to conditions that will redefine the face of the democratic world, possibly forever. Essentially, TPP transfers the control of member nations and their citizens into the disinterested hands of multinational corporations.  The general public is far from aware that this deal, under negotiation in extreme secrecy since 2008, has been drafted to force unconditional acceptance without adjustment of any kind. Debate it meaningless.  Nations are in, or they are out.

The general public is far from aware that this deal, under negotiation in extreme secrecy since 2008, has been drafted to force unconditional acceptance without adjustment of any kind.

The public has been effectively shut out of the details involved in the behind closed doors TPP negotiations, but various multinational corporations have NOT been shut out of the details, and in fact have been integral of the deal authorship. Given this co-authorship of a multinational treaty with multinational corporate entities — likely the first ever treaty to involve private sector interests directly —  it is little wonder that steps were taken early to limit the representatives of the American public’s constituencies to a yes or no vote. One cannot dispute the capability of the American public to invoke its will through its various tiers of elected representatives. With American voices rendered powerless, rendering remaining signatory nations passive eunuch voices for their respective national needs, and wants, can easily be viewed as little more than a natural nod to standard due diligence to ensure ultimate success for the authors.

Sovereignty on labor, immigration and the environment are at high risk thanks to all nations that signed the TPP. Human Rights, Digital Security, Intellectual Property, Public Healthcare and more, will all be at the mercy of corporate needs and wants. Corporations, not nations have the monetary clout to arrest or push to win court rulings in the inevitable lawsuits protecting multinational corporate ‘possible future profits’.

We are entering an era of entrenched profit rights that will ultimately render human rights null and void. The most benign picture of the future under construction, is that the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ is being reframed as ‘survival of the wealthiest’. The problem is, tomorrow has arrived.

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