Striking a Responsive Chord through Graphics

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Source: Left vs Right (World) | Information is Beautiful

Where do you fit in?

A graphic representation of ideology can sometimes strike a responsive chord in many of us. In our 21st Century, political rhetoric infused with misleading metaphor rich manipulation is ubiquitous in both political speeches and traditional media discourse — media dominated a handful of obscenely wealthy power brokers.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of western civilization inevitably finds exercises in critical thinking exhausting and dauntingly ineffective in determining appropriate calls to action. It is little wonder that most often tune out the news and gravitate to entertainment or sports as personal and social release.

The next time you find yourself drowning in the metaphors and general doublespeak — reach out and down into yourself for the inherent values and ethics that feel right. Reach out for resources, like this graphic representation of ideologies and pinpoint where you really stand. Going forward just might be a little less confusing.