What would the 42nd Parliament look like if Canadians already had a Proportional Representation system?

Canadians who both understand and favour Proportional Representation (PR) over Canada’s dysfunction First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) electoral system must step up issue due diligence activism,  and hold our elected government representatives — our Members of Parliament — accountable on the issue of comprehensive electoral reform in time for the 2019 election call.   In truth, Canadians must be far more diligent than Canadians have been historically.

We ARE closer than ever to changing FPTP to a PR system — but unless we are actively pursuing the education of our friends, neighbours, children and the public at large, it will not happen any time soon. We really have to keep up the pressure on gov’t to vote in the disinterest of political party interests.

Hardly an easy task <sigh> Nevertheless, when it comes to FPTP we must name it, shame it, change it. It starts with naming it as an entrenched political party favouring crime — this may be the only way we can shame the our gov’t MPs into voting to change it as promised.

Liberal Electoral Reform Commitment 2015

Trudeau announces plan to kill first-past-the-post by next election

Wasted Vote tally:
‪#‎NDP‬ – 74%
‪#‎GPC‬ – 93%
‪#‎CPC‬ – 51%
‪#‎LPC‬ – 33%
‪#‎elxn42‬ #’s may change