The truth of the matter, however, is that what worries American conservatives most is not that Trudeau’s Keynesian economic plan will fail, but that it will succeed. Nothing threatens them more than the possibility that Trudeau’s promise of government borrowing and spending on infrastructure will actually lead to the job-creation and economic growth that their own supply-side, austerity policies have failed to deliver in the U.S.

Source: Canadians get Economics Right, in a Big Way

Justin Trudeau, 21st Century boxer on the political world stage.
Justin Trudeau, 21st Century boxer on the political world stage.

As Canadians, we are waiting — with varying degrees of bated breath — to see if Justin Trudeau’s election strategy will deliver substantive positive changes for all Canadians. It was Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau who actually said “Watch me.”, but in 2015 eyes the world over are firmly on his son. Despite all surface appearance and countless ‘hottie’ photos of Justin Trudeau littering the internet, there is no ‘honeymoon’ phase worthy of the name for the incoming Prime Minister. PETCanadians have been bombarded with truly stormy, not sunny, weather across  Canada — the grey weather of crippling austerity measures —  since Trudeau senior left office.

“Just Watch Me”

Wealth Inequality is sweeping the globe in 2015

Wealth Inequality on a global scale is reaching critical mass, and Justin Trudeau is the first to be elected based on veiled hints that HIS government would work effectively to redress that balance.Wealth_Inequality_3.

Canadian voters threw out Prime Minister Harper’s austerity-based “new normal” and have got American conservative leaders scared to death!

Source: Canadians get Economics Right, in a Big Way

When you campaign promising ‘sunny ways‘ and an era of policy in direct opposition to the ubiquitous neocon mantra of austerity, you’d best live up to those promises and quickly. The question remains, can Trudeau pull it off?  After all, those who stand to lose by his government actually delivering, may outnumber those — namely you and me —  who stand to gain.

Those who stand to ‘lose’ — the multinational corporations who have been fattened at the cost of the land and ordinary folk — only lose ‘potential profit’ not actual profit.

This leads us to the final challenge that may frame the second generation of Trudeaumania historical footnote. Will Justin Trudeau’s dream of ‘sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways’ be sabotaged in utero by faux trade pacts like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement? We’ll find out all too soon.