For now, the Conservatives are the the Trudeau Wannabe Party of Canada. In response to the era of Sunny Ways —  the Canadian Right-Wing Party is busy rebranding itself — showing Canadians the ‘softer side’ of the conservative party, hoping all will be forgiven and forgotten by 2019. It just might work, but I doubt I’ll be forgetting the wholesale human rights retraction actions Ambrose and her party supported and implemented in the name of Stephen Harper. The xenophobic party choice has only changed its face — the heart remains unchanged. I’ll ‘believe’ when they publicly publish a completely new party policy manifesto — and even then with serious reservations.

Kudos to Thomas Mulcair for not playing the game. Elizabeth May of course has always been a law unto herself so we have no hope of seeing any antics from the Green Party. In terms of the current face of North American politics — the Greens are so authentic they appear downright boring. Sadly, boring may ultimately prove to be the unintentional ‘brand’ fail that keeps them invisible to the masses ….
Rona Ambrose may be the leader of the Opposition in the House, but her partner J.P Veitch will run this one

Source: Rona Ambrose gets the key to Stornoway