South of the border OpenMedia joined over 60 coalition groups to protest against the ‪#‎TPP‬ in Washington D.C. OpenMedia’s Meghan Sali took it to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to deliver the voices of over 3.6 million people who have spoken out opposing the agreement and the secrecy under which it has been negotiated. ‪#‎StopTheTrap‬ ‪#‎NoTPP‬


Last week, OpenMedia joined a huge coalition of groups protesting the TPP in Washington, DC.The call to action, issued by FlushTheTPP brought together organizations and individuals from across the US

Source: OpenMedia and the TPP: taking the fight to D.C. |


Canada’s public knowledge and opinions about the TPP still very low

Approximately two-fifths (41%) of Canadians support the prospective trade agreement, while an almost equal proportion of Canadians (38%) oppose the agreement. Placed in the context of previous polls about Canadian attitudes toward the TPP, these findings indicate the public is increasingly divided on the trade agreement.