Proportional Representation For Canada

Canadians say “Never Again” to negative voting

he polling swings of the last six months have clearly shown that Canadian voters want more than two choices, if they can vote for what they want. This leaves a vast number of voters, frustrated at having to vote against something on October 19, saying “never again — next time I want to vote for my first choice.”

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Harper unintended gift to Indigenous Peoples

It was Stephen Harper destiny — by pushing too hard, too far, too dismissively, and too dishonourably — to become the catalyst for a fundamental shift in an entire people’s approach to their role as Canadians.


Food for thought: Left vs Right (World)

A graphic representation of ideology can sometimes strike a responsive chord in many of us. In our 21st Century, political rhetoric infused with misleading metaphor rich manipulation is ubiquitous in both political speeches and traditional media discourse — media dominated a handful of obscenely wealthy power brokers.


Voting is the very least effort a citizen can make – real work begins post Election 2015

Despite a full eleven weeks of campaigning, Canadians were offered few solutions to the mess created over the course of the past decade, and little reason to expect substantive policy changes from the 42nd parliament. As of October 20, 2015 Canadians are still lost, and the nation’s leaders are attempting to navigate a course for our national health and wellbeing with a GPS that remains an uncalibrated dysfunctional tool.

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Can you survive on $8 CDN per hour? Welcome to the new labour standard movement.

The Industrial Revolution took the economies of the world from agricultural based economies, to manufacture driven economies. In so doing created hardship and inequality for all but the wealthiest. Labour movements were born, and after many decades of unrest — blood, sweat, and tears — laws were changed to protect workers. Today, we are in the midst of a globalized technological revolution, and we have begun the cycle of disruption and unrest anew.

Corporations can never be persons under the laws and treaties that govern our nations -- to allow it is to sound the death knell of human rights and aspirations.

Why question #TPP? Top 1 Percent Own More Than Half of World’s Wealth

In a soft-dollar, weak fossil fuel market economy, it is hard to embrace this pact as ‘good for trade’. Given the now 99% gap between the globe’s richest and poorest citizens, it is terrifying to accept that national sovereignty fueled by citizens and democracies are being supplanted to feed wealth for wealth’s sake alone.