Canada and Common Canadians

Canada is the place I call home. Canadians are rich in natural, cultural, and visionary resources. Canada can never be stronger than its weakest citizens and struggles to never be weaker than its wealthiest corporate entities.  Common Canadians spend their lives navigating between these two polarities seeking stability, security, equity and fairness.

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Common Canadians are temperate by nature.  Canadians want a safe place they can be proud of to wake up to each morning. They want to be good neighbors at home and abroad. They want to secure today and build a better tomorrow. They want to have a few laughs along the way.  They want to have things in common with friends, families, and neighbors.

Most Common Canadians espouse no Political Party line exclusively. Canadians are non-card carrying and non-partisan by nature. Canadians are Green as they can be. Canadians are Blue as they can be.  Canadians are Red as they can be. Canadian are as Orange as they can be. Essentially, Canadians are every colour of the rainbow stretching out across the Canadian horizon.

Canadians are increasingly forced to choose between two political ideologies. Common Canadians are often pressured to show themselves as of the ideology of the Right or the ideology of the Left.  The diversity Canadians once prided themselves on has somehow become a disease. There is little room for diversity in the politics of the extreme Right or the extreme Left.

Many Canadians are shaking their heads wondering how things got this way. I have started this Blog to try to shine some light on the problem and perhaps, if I am lucky, infuse a little perspective into the contemporary Canadian landscape.

Technically, this Blog is not just about politics. This Blog is about the many things, big and small that add up to an ordinary, average, common Canadian Life.  Unfortunately, if you really think about it, living life is about living politics to one degree or another.  Think back. Think way back. Politics started back in, or before, grade school.  After all, one definition of ‘politics’ is (according to Mirriam-Webster):

the total complex of relations between people living in society

So this Blog is just about politics. The politics that connect and the politics that divide.


“It is desirable that the Canadian people should know as much as possible about their country, its history and traditions; and about their national life and common achievements,” the Massey commission said. Sixty years later, we’re still trying to fulfill that mandate.Enhanced by Zemanta