With over 46% of the world’s wealthiest residing within her borders, it is little wonder the United States President Barack Obama led the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (#TPP) corporate favouring pact. It is less clear why Canada, with less than 3% of the world’s wealthiest residing within our borders has been such an enthusiastic signatory partner. It definitely does not explain why we so easily caved on most things inherently Canadiana and built over multiple generations.

Source: Top 1 Percent Own More Than Half of World’s Wealth | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

“Far from demonstrating the health of the US economy, this disproportionate growth of the super-rich resembles the spread of a cancer that is rapidly metastasizing, with fatal consequences for the entire social organism.” GlobalResearch.ca

In a soft-dollar, weak fossil fuel market economy, it is hard to embrace this pact as ‘good for trade’. Given the now 99% gap between the globe’s richest and poorest citizens, it is terrifying to accept that national sovereignty fueled by citizens and democracies are being supplanted to feed wealth for wealth’s sake alone.

Average Canadians barely register above the waterline of the world’s poorest, with at least 30% of our population — over 11 million Canadians — owning nothing more than their debt load.

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